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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When TPM has chance to meet TITANIC Fate

Now a days, Every industry  wants to implement TPM . BUT , if you believe on statistics, every second attempt of TPM implementation in Europe failed. I believe , not all the companies implement TPM as their survival needs but as an indirect obligation to satisfy their customer. AND so, they have a tendency to retain or go back to old stream to sustain customer's product demand. (As new shoes give trouble for few days before to get easy ! ) So, they are unable to rip the benefits of TPM in full moon as by superficial implementation and finish anywhere in between TPM and present culture.

There are so many contribution factors which lead to failure, The most important points are,
1. On which platform it is planted to grow :  If it is on the environment of dictatorship and non-motivated team, then it surely to be collapsed. In demands a professionally transparent work culture, fairly good motivated team to take the torch and a fear free environment to propagate it.
(please read my earlier post Employee Involvement : What Really Motivates an Employee to perform and Employee Involvement : Long working hour gives poor environment for improvements . It is very common in many of present industrial environment that the defaulter is blamed beside to dig on the failure causes. Finally, man tries to hide the faults to come to the surface and so, potential improvements lies hidden. And a dictatorship leads a potential team to perform at lower level because of none to hear others voice.

2. Leadership and acceptance of leadership – Generally the key change element is installed in middle and so, acceptance level in upstream becomes low. To overcome this we need to hire a consultant who has acceptance level throughout the management tree. Injecting the change element in between the tree is a common fault. The element is generally unable to convince the upper level as the acceptance level is low.

3. Effective accountability and performance measuring system for process as well as individuals – Wrong way of measurement may show a rosy picture which is far from reality. So, the measuring system need to be well planned and well discussed before the implementation. Cause It have very high potential to create job dissatisfaction to data capture and analyzer.
          A strong and effective appraisal makes the environment “ transparent and easy to perform” where everybody have honest chance to show their performance.

4. Wide scope and resources for Design of Experiment (DOE )

5. Inadequate and insufficient resources – Management should show their keen interest to change by extending their prompt support to the team with sufficient budget and manpower. It is quite normal that in initial days the cost goes up as basic restoration comes into picture. Manpower requirement also comes up to avoid messy responsibilities..

6. Detailed road-map with PDCA approach need to be worked out so that to take corrective action on plan as an when require basis. No exception of quick outcome so that people will not get demoralized and over strained, which further may lead to superficial implement. Though it is a cultural change, so it need to be rooted at the deep most level of the system (TPM to be incorporate in management system ) Work content, require time and expected outcome should be well illustrated.

7. No proper in-depth training on tools  so that the require activities and expected outcome to be well demonstrated and well understood.

8. Data capture points and methods are not so reliable to analise. ( it's my personal observation that we put tremendous effort to capture the data but very less effort to analise it.)

9. Basic education level of grass root employee.

. Others are...

1) Less departmental integrity (Low functioning of CFT or no existing at all )
2) Non-effective reward system – Leads less no. of suggestion and demoralization
3) Failure to start with operator-involved maintenance:
4) Inspections get too technical and too complicated too fast:
.... And adding on......

“If you are not sure about the destination then no matter which path you opt for, All will lead you to NO-WHERE. “


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