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Monday, November 8, 2010

As an individual, Do I need TPM ?

I thought, I don't (except my KRA responsibilities). I was doing job not for my pleasure....I was doing it for my family sake. Whether company achieved TPM or not, I less bother. My individual priorities was only as follows
1) I need money to satisfy my dreams  and…..
2) I am expecting  company car this year
3) Last Year overall  increment in company was not up to our expected level,  so expecting a hefty hike this year.....And a LOT

Now lets see my company's priority (It is not a charitable organization after all).........

1. Products are getting common as everybody has the technology now a days.
So, day by day, competition are getting tough
2. Customers are having more choice, so they are more tough on quality cost and delivery.
3. Raw material and manpower costs are soaring up.
4. Loosing time in rework, breakdown and so running bellow the installed capacity.......

On other words.......Paying capacity is shrinking as it is going out of competition.

So, to fulfill my basic needs, I need my company to survive. And for my company to survive, it need to        

1. Reduce processing cost and investment cost i.e. improve machine availability, (ZERO BREAKDOWN )

2. It need to improve quality i.e.  improve machine reliability. (ZERO REJECTION )

3. A motivated team (ZERO ACCIDENT )

Bellow is the survival graph (Increase of profitability)

SO, As an individual too, I need  TPM to get success. And so, I need to put all my possible efforts to make it SUCCESS.

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