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Monday, September 27, 2010

Employee Involvement : What Really Motivates an Employee to perform

I have experienced that the success of TPM and Lean establishment throughout the organisation, excels it's speed to go to the next possible level, is mainly depend upon the employee participation and so, their motivation level for willingly participate to be the change and to make the change.

In the beginning of my carrier, I have seen so many improvement process were lapsed with time after implementation and all people were happily living with the old. Those improvements were nothing but individual efforts and had no team support. After digging in deep for my personal interest I found few common reactions in ground level
- Does my wages will increase if I participate ?
- Nothing is going to can give a try
- I have given some improvement proposal but got no feedback
- SUGGESTION SCHEME !! It has started for several times in last year but stopped when it comes to recognize.

Low motivation...low morality..

“If an organization wants to thrive by continually improving and
evolving, then it needs systematic procedures and routines—methods—
that channel our human capabilities and achieve the potential.
Such routines would guide and support everyone in the organization by
giving them a specific pattern for how they should go about sensing,
adapting, and improving.” - Mike Roger in Toyota kata – Managing people for improvement, adoptiveness and Superior results.

And, after defining the systematic procedure and routines, success and speed to go to next desire level depends upon employee engagement. So, it require a highly motivated work force to sustain the improvements and move forward. But what to do to motivate people ? I went through several books and paper to find the answer and most of the answers I found in Dan Pinks book “Drive – what really motivates people “ Here is one good flowchart of motivation from that book.

of Here is his lacture on TED for you.

In short, as per my understanding, to establish a motivated team we need (In addition of good salary)

- A well illustrated  initiative towards the  step by step destination  should sink up to the  micro level about why we need so ,to make all agree on the time bounded GOAL.
- good accountable system where everybody will be correctly accounted for their contribution and expected contribution should be well illustrated.
- A good and efficient rewarding (Direct or indirect) / appreciation system.
- Freedom to team members to take calculated risk (Autonomy )
- Close loop communication in all level.
- Reaction method  will be well defined with common way and time line to ensure the expected outcomes.
- Every suggestion will be honored irrespective of whether it is accepted or not. (It's a sensitive issue. Non-addressed participant got easily demotivated to come up with new ideas. )
- well establish communication towards down the level about companies goal and achievement.

"Toyota has long considered its ability to permanently resolve
problems and then improve stable processes as one of the company’s
competitive advantages. With an entire workforce charged
with solving their workplace problems the power of the intellectual
capital of the company is tremendous."
—Kathi Hanley, statement as a group leader at TMMK


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