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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Success of JH depends upon success of smooth responsibility handover

As we know, to establish a new system or a new mindset, is easy with new plant but much more difficult with an old running industry. It is because of mindset of peoples are adjusted with old one and it is general human instinct that they reject the new because they feel insecure in new circumstances. It needs a strong leader with strong support to say good bye to old and welcome the new.

Autonomous maintenance which plays the key role in TPM success, shakes the OLD  - "I operate you fix" culture. When participants are welcoming  new, contributing effectively for it, then the  process of responsibility changeover between maintenance and operator need to be smooth. Any overwhelm or any sort of discourage will affect negatively. So proper encourage, sincere support among all shop floor personnel, talking and reviewing JH activities to make it success.

Hurdles on field :

Operator’s view –
1.      I don’t know – I don’t know ‘bout the machine function. I trained to operate it and can do that much only. Even I don’t have in depth technical knowledge also. (Knowledge problem)
2.      Extra job – OK! I can help maintenance personnel but doing daily is an extra responsibility. I am not paying for that OR We have no time for that (Attitude problem )
3.      Another Ticking job : Oh! Another ticking job. Ok! Will do it  (poor Morality)

Minus of Maintenance:
1.      Cleaning, lubricating, re-tightening, Inspection, (CLRI) chart are not well described. ( Doubt about outcome )
2.      Charts are in English and so may not be understandable by operators. So simply ticking. ( Half hearted job)
3.      Don’t have time to re-check JH check sheets. Again go back to old . (No importance and honor to the new. Feels good to stuck with old)
4.      JH check sheet was born in the Eve of JH initiation. No modification or review there after (OLD IS GOLD !!!!!)
5.       No time to support Fuguai removals. Red Tags are there for log time and once removed with out removing the fuguai.(Customer visit ???) (No honor / attitude)
6.      I did CLRIT chart for them. Rest is production job. (Jumping to step 4 ?!)
7.  This fixing / tightening will be done by maintenance crew, coz it is critical.( Less level of confidence showing to operators and obviously this stand has taken without giving a try to train them to do so)

To over come all this the sharing of responsibility need to be understands.
1.      In a continuous process floor, It is not possible to do PM always on time.
2.      PM gap can be increased if and only if natural deterioration is there in machine. So, support to be provided at desired extend.
3.      Machine vibrates. It causes loose bolts and nuts, small leakages…which can easily detects by operator if they get proper knowledge and guidance and stitch in time saves nine.
4.      JH and PM are the two wheels of a cart. One can not be promoted with out another.

Supports require to extend at the period of handover:

  1. Initial cleaning: Dirty machine, unable to understand the problem area, no chance of visual control, So, TPM starts from Cleaning. (“Cleaning is inspection and inspection is detection of troubles”)
                            Require Support: Initially it leaves a bad test to operators…a under rated job. So maintenance has to take active part to share their pain and sufferings. Some Kaizens are expected for easy cleaning. Encourage them to find fuguai and give the pride of normality restoration.
  1. Counter measures against source of contamination :  Focused on CLRI and reducing time taken for this activity
                               Require Support : Quick Red Tag removal. Kaizens on easy access, easy inspection. Skill enhancement trainings on identifying abnormalities and fixing of those abnormalities. Provide require tools and tackles require to carry those activities independently

(Example of Visual inspection made easy Pics :  Curtsy:  A lot, in short google picture search)

  1. Tentative cleaning standard for CLRI: tentative and feasible standards to do it regularly and independently
                  Support require: support that does not damage operator’s self identity. Maintenance dept. should not be instructive though need to be careful to make CLRI standards.

  1. General Inspection: improve inspection standards by including interior of machine. Require high level skill to detect and remove abnormalities.
                     Support Require: Skill education to JH leaders and down the lane deployment.
  1. Autonomous Inspection: Independent inspection as per tentative check sheets.
                      Support require:     a)    Clear allotment of task between production and maintenance
                                                       b) System building and support for quality maintenance

  1. Standardization : Develop Standard for production control items
                                      Support require: Strong and effective PM

  1. Autonomous management : Perform improvement activity and reliability study
                                       Support require: General support to sustain the developed system and Strive for excellence.


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