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Friday, January 22, 2010

Jishu Hozen (JH) / Autonomous Maintenance (AM) plays key role in success of TPM

TPM Focused on Equipment and to stop equipment related Losses. It believes every breakdown and defect is due to a deviation from the required Basic Machine Conditions. (Some good presentations and books are available for MAIOSK members. Pls login to Group site)

Jishu Hozen – One of the Most powerful part of TPM (Other is KK I believe ) which if correctly and fully implemented can deliver a very good result in terms of time, money saving and boost morality of shop floor team member and helps to implement other pliers.:

Why JH?

Maintenance manager with his team can’t plan his day. Breakdowns are sporadic and maintenance teams are too busy to tackle them. It may be drive belt torn up, may be line choke up and  hundreds of different small causes which takes unnecessary long time in reporting, searching, manpower deploying. On the other hand production team is fighting hard to meet target deadline. Loosing of man hour, loosing of machine hours are obvious, unaffordable but unavoidable.
Breakdown is the tip of the iceberg. It often shows symptoms before to breakdown like, ware, looseness, abnormal heat, leakage, surface damage, vibration, noise etc. most of the time only operator knows these abnormalities but due to poor mindset or poor knowledge they are not being in position to acknowledge it or if acknowledged then unable to make this small repair.

Productions are unable to plan to hand it over to maintenance for PM due to lagging production pressure and blaming to maintenance team for breakdowns and poor reliability. On the other hand maintenance team is blaming operator..
Whoever to be blame the final out come is a Huge loss to company. So, both need to come together to address the issue for coming out of that un healthy situation.

Sources of most major losses are equipment related and operators are very near to source. If they are taught, they can treat most of them fast and effectively. It’s the mass cultural change what is the main break of ice, making new mind sets and so, it’s the most challengeable and holds the key of TPM success.

Measuring                               TPM                                         JH
P (Productivity improvement)           1.5 to 2 times           increase by  near bout 1.5 times
     Reduction of B/D                       1/10 to 1/250             reduced by 60 %

Q Reduction of production defect            1/10                Significant reduction
     Reduction of customer claim               1/4
C  Reduction of maintenance cost             30 %           Cost of breakdown reduced
D Reduction of product inventories
S  Reduction of accident
M increase in no. of suggestions                 10%           increase by 10 %

Goals of JH

Autonomous maintenance is answer of that. It’s a first level of maintenance like nursing of patient and PM is second level action like doctor to take special actions to improve the machine strength over the stress. Both are equally important to restore normal deterioration and once we restore it we can predict the life.
 “Stitch in time saves nine.” Goals are –
1)      Honor basic condition ( Step 1 – initial cleaning and Step 2 –Counter measure against contamination source, Thorough elimination of FUGUAI (Red tag / White Tag,  Step -3 – Tentative Standards of cleaning)
2)      Sustain Machine’s basic condition by improving operators’ skill (Step4- General inspection and Step 5 – Autonomous inspection
3)      Book Excellency and strive for higher – (Step 5 Standardization and Step 7 – Autonomous management )

How it plays key role in success of TPM
1)      It’s success depends upon involvement of Mass in shop floor
2)      It is cultural change (breaking of main attitude hurdle “I use you Fix” to I operate I fix”) which means all thinking process are in line with TPM Goal.
3)      Outcomes are easily visible which motivates other pillar implementation.
4)      Though Success of JH depends upon Education and training, but if JH attitude is strong, other pillars (PM, QM, SHE) find their base issues to address.

Next Post ::Success of JH depends upon Support of JH and successful task sharing between PM and JH
Expected date of posting : 31st jan, 10


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