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Monday, January 11, 2010

Implementation and deployment of TPM

Start for TPM Excellency:
1.      Decide to do it
2.      Call a consultant
3.      Decide a coordinator
4.      Wait for result for few times
5.      Sitting out from shop floor, in air cooled room, discuss over “Feel happy “rosy rosy graphs.

FORGET IT! Almost 80% of industries lost themselves somewhere in between TPM. If we don’t have proper dedication and cash flow support from top most management then all above are adding LOSS to company i.e. MUDA.

Those who played symphony of success preferred this Way:
  1. Motivation, commitment No Show business, No shortcuts. We need it for our survivals and we need it truly,madly,deeply.

  1. NO TPM : There should be no separation in management group as TPM. It will be the most integrated part of industries culture Leader will lead it too along with regular job. (Success of TPM is responsibilities of all not for a group) Update :(after got some comments , I would like to clear it) I Have seen every dept has dedicate one junior to do documentation of TPM which make it one man force...others like to stick on old AND SO NO TPM (as a team its every man's job and it is not additional, it's part of every days job)

  1. Ready to afford the pain of new -  old goes hard and new is not convenient. Sudden drop in productivity is expected and to be accepted with open heart.
  2. Feasibility study – There is no hard and fast method. It is the result of trial and error method in Toyota. Just follow the guidelines and change to make it feasible.
  3. No over simplicity or over complicity – Easy Understandable to all but eyes to yields corporate define goals.
  4. Roadmap depends upon feasibility study with clear indication with where to go and how to go and how to flag out achievement.
  5. Before to start, key driving committee should standardize indicating parameters – tracking method and achievable limits. It will help management to bring all in common platform.
  6. Self audit, group audit. Cross audit to achieve and sustain the goal
  7. Regular follow-up by committee and top leaders
  8. Model line with experimental liberty to the group who is responsible for revolution. (it’s a team work. No individual experiment pls)
  9. Horizontal deployment and timely review for probable updating of deployed system

Pic curtsy :

    Prerequisites (Ground Work):
    1.      Don’t start TPM from Shop floor. Starts from Kitchen and toilet .It gives moral motivation boost to shop floor employees. (I learnt it from an article by SAN Yamaguchi on TPM CLUB and experimented. It proven true)
    2.      Basic 5S with basic honor to product need to be achieved before to start TPM
    3.      Commonly and openly excepting the truth that we need to change ourselves to survive.
    4.      Complete corrective action on all probable loop falls before to start deployment (Before it catches momentum).
    5.      REAL Attitude to solve problems –REAL DATA, REAL PLACE, REALITY.
    6.      Easy one way communication method will help to highlight the problems.
    7.      Integration of TPM with system so that it should not come as extra responsibility
    8.      motivation of people to get kaizen ideas
    9.      Intensive HR activities to motivate and retain employees (Getting good is not a problem retaining them is the challenge)
    10.  Education and training to all key people before deployment.
    11.  If you like something in others, don’t copy it, adopt it, surface copy may irrelevant in other system.

    At the end of this post, I am just sharing a mail, a cry of a failure TPM responsible person’s honest attempt which shows lack of commitment, poor  authority-responsibility balance (Scapegoat position), and so, Different priority in Management. (This is a mail came to me as a part of one of online TPM groups, just sharing with you with the hope that, before to test success, we need to know the cause of failure). Just compare with your situation.

    Dear Friends,

    There may be several reasons why it fails.

    But what I have observed is,

    Not only, the top management support is required, both the middle level/bottom line support is required in the implementation program.

    In my case, the top person gives the work to implement it. But he doesn’t give any time for that work. Yes. i know that there is some priority is there for the management
    First is the production, rest of all next.

    But even for putting the Five S & TPM sign boards, the top person says yes, do it. if he is not there, may be out of station, then hr manger/next person restricts the work. no don't do it. when the boss comes, then do it.

    for just getting the approval it takes three days, then it will be send to purchase department for further process. I have waited one and half months to put a sign board.

    My reporting officer is having some priority, for him this Implementation is the last priority. he also doesn’t care about me. Leaves it freely.

    Again after a long stretch, i have started implementing the five S, taken all the photographs of the improvement required areas and send all the photo's to the department HOD's and made a copy to the top person.

    ten days gone, still nobody has touched it so far. they are telling we don’t have time to do it.

    top person also is not having time to listen me.

    Like this it is running here. but still I am continue to push the people. (push system will not work)

    I have also requested the top person to be with me for initial pick-up, for quick progress. I don’t know he tells ok, a after that he Leaves it.
    I don’t know what to do next?

    but I am initiating some of the visual improvements what i can do i am
    If anybody is facing such a typical type, please inform me.


    Future Topic: Success of TPM depends on success of JH.
    Probable posting date : Next Sunday
    "Your Comments, My inspiration"


    1. Good but in short....shal u go in details for all ? NO TPM is confusing..

    2. perfect outline for TPM implementation. It seems U hav seen both ups and downs......By the way, is the mail is true ?..keep it up