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Monday, October 26, 2009

Maintenance KIOSK

It’s an Idea of mine that to make a maintenance KIOSK on local basis where a group of maintenance members will be able to exchange their individual views, knowledge on Kaizens Poka-Yoke whatever they have implemented by their own in their companies. As an individual, we all have limited ideas which come from experience on different machines, examples and more or less from technical exhibitions.

But if we make a common forum , for example of three companies maintenance member, and every company generates five general or technical Kaizens which they can share to all then, in this forum, total available kaizen will be fifteen and all members will get ten additional kaizen.

Yes, there are lechers in our society and we can prevent them by 1:1 ratio. What’s the more, We can make a virtual stores of common maintenance items like belt, bearing etc. (sometimes non-availability of a small screw also cause a considerable breakdown)

Why for common items like belt and bearing?

In spite of all efforts, hope we all experienced that running out of common spares due to there low costs, easy availability and non-critical. And on that time the neighbors companies are easy source that to purchase it from market.

So, again for example, the three companies, if declared KIOSK store contribution in starting of month in the forum and update it for their own interest in some defined interval, then chance of running out of stock will come down to 15 % (Consider that the chance of running out of stock is 5%).

This KIOSK can actively operate without any extra cost and more efforts which again will increase the low cost maintainability.

Involvement increases the knowledge.

I am reachable by for any assistance.