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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Attitude - The main obstracle to implement TPM

It’s a Japanese culture who was almost totally destroyed in 2nd world war but came back with a bang by their sincerity , dedication to improve

On the same time we got freed from British…. May consider the situation as sub zero and still we need a lot to go. This is what I feel, due to attitude problem, we like to blame others for our failure.

We consider all failures as our own shame (others also think in same way) and like to keep a soft shade on it or blame to others for it. Just see the bellow picture

First step to implement TPM is fear free environments where anybody can confess there limits and ask for help.

Let us have a look in following situations:

  1. I have seen a industry who are too much customer oriented! They doesn’t need any rescue boat and leaving happy with their hell. They need some certificate to satisfy customers. But not in mood to bring invest for quality. All corporate targets are nice and reports show a rosy picture …. Sales gone up…profit gone up….and so cost…..Manpower are cheaper in India so profit margin are so and so. WHY we are silent on PROFITABILITY? Is there any sign of improvement or not?
  2. Have a look in the maintenance and quality departments’ presentation...

Breakdown goes up…due to no schedule PM for machines. WHY?

- Production schedule was high. So, no machine was planned for maintenance and we were busy for breakdown maintenance only. Innocent answer.

- Low cost ….low cost. Low cost…nobody take my words into account…SO, new spare collapse without a notice…This is not actual savings. WHOM TO BLAME?

  1. I am the poor scapegoat for TPM kickoff activities only because of the WORD maintenance. There is no help or awareness from other departments even management are also concentrated on number games. They sent me to so many seminar but show cold shoulder when it comes to implementation. Every steps taken by me or quality is thrown in to dustbin by production only because of they feel it reduce productivity.
  2. Quality is responsible for quality and maintenance for breakdown and they both for TPM. We at production have so many inter department problem…we are lack of manpower, whatever we have they are unskilled or semi skilled. If we start to train them then who will achieve the target with given manpower? So, produce…Quality DOG is there to prevent the rejection to go to customer…we will rework most of them on SUNDAY!
  3. Due to lack of motivational activities, from top to bottom all the working forces are working with less morality and willing to join to other companies.
  4. Cost of poor quality is high but it is child of quality. Low quality incoming material, customer rejection, Quality is answerable for that.

- Why you are not changing vendors?

- They are lowest bidder. And the cost finalize by corporate office. We have mailed them.


The same has repeated after few months. Vendor too understood the game.

  1. Customer care representative are normally quality person. It is his skill to make all analysis as per customer wants. He knows 8D formats, why-why formats, 5W2H formats and managing the show

- BUT down the stream are all knows it ? NO.

- did all people know about customer rejection ? NO

- There is no defined communication method a book is there but who has the time to open it regularly?

  1. Skill to analyze at lower level is zero and they are not the team member for that. We are analyzing it by sitting in AC room so solutions are far from real root cause and so, problems are bown to repeat. But We make customer to feel good for this time…my job is done…..lets see in next time.
  2. 5S is our MANTRA. We recite it before customer visits or some top official visits or if we want to irritate our colleges and subordinate. We never derived into solutions. We spent a lot of money in that but we spent no time to moderate our attitude.

More or less, we all experience the same. There are so many contributing factors in that including lack of motivation and commitments in upper management level but we fell encountered when we experiencing the situations. How far it is lack of experience and knowledge, I will share my experience and knowledge.

See you next time. If you want to share your experience, your views, your suggestion pls mail me at

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